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" I see myself as pretty incognito when I’m not around others, limited social media posts and contact unless something major happens. I’m a pretty outgoing guy though (but also I’m sometimes filled with anxiety/depression and usually stress). I love wearing either Vans (versatile & Cool), skinny jeans (I just think people look good in skinny jeans) & Jumpers/Hoodies. Or Trainers (comfy), Trackies (cotch) & Hoodies (especially mad ones with weird designs. I’ve always felt that they tend to drag people’s eyes away from my face) They make me feel safe and creative like I can relax when I’m wearing that sort of outfit and my mind tends to come up with better ideas. Currently I’ve been building up myself and I’m at a point where I’m nearly ready to reach out and start releasing music/poetry and start connecting again with the world. So maybe a crossroads or a train track cos like I feel this is a journey and I’m almost at my destination but the path has been a bit long so maybe somewhere almost forgotten about but still beautiful if you visit."

"I get bad paranoia/anxiety from the mere thought of it. The permanent aspect of the online world is a cesspit of past and potential future tragedy lol. Ye to be honest I’ve got this thing about being the best, not to turn this into to much of a therapy session but I have always pushed myself perhaps I’ve also been pushed to exceed expectations in order to get ahead in life. Single mum against the world, extremely poor, had to shine to get noticed, no cash to hide behind if you get what I mean."



"I’ve always noticed people looking at me and I know that I’m an outgoing person but in terms of my love for hoodies I think it might stem from the fact that when someone first speaks to me instead of talking about me they might talk about something I’m wearing instead, I feel like there’s less pressure and I can ignore the fact that they came up to talk to me because of the way I look and instead because of the way that I dress. I mean I grew up in a very white town

and I’m a mixed race boy. Also In the past i’ve been told I could be considered ‘handsome’ all of which makes me a little bit uncomfortable."


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