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Virtual Photoshoot via video chat.



“So here is my outfit... these are my favorite pants EVER! I love thrift shopping and vintage clothing. I prefer comfortable, loose clothing. I can feel casual wearing these pants and at the same time wear them out dancing.”

What does casual feel like to you?

“Casual for me means natural. I wear what feels and looks natural to wear for me and my personal style.?”





“Location I'm assuming? I picked that spot because as much as I love the outdoors, nature, trees, long grass, being by the water...I still feel a certain type of way when I'm downtown.

Walking down the street sometimes it can feel as if you're going back in time, like to when my grandparents walked those same streets and many did before them even.

I also enjoy certain industrial areas in any town, as they have always been aesthetically pleasing to me to some extent.

I am a sucker for bricked buildings, cool accents/designs that some older buildings have, local street art, just small-town vibes.”

| Bobbi |


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