Interview with Kid Computer

Updated: May 11, 2019

Q: How do you write your music. How do you record it. Can you take me through that process?

George: So usually, Most of the stuff that we've done in the past, I'll write the rhythm guitar part and lyrics and vocals. And we just kind of build it and then like I'll be like here's something I came up with and we'll just all together kind of take it apart move things around and just add parts in. And that's been pretty much how we've done it. We jam on everything. Whatever we do. If someone comes up with something we'll just play it until we get a few sections and we just move them around.

Q: how does it feel when you guys are playing music together?

Christian: I definitely am not always like in that groove that their in. Sometimes I am and it feels really good, sometimes it depends on the mind state I come into the rehearsal with. like this morning I woke up a little later, I'm already running late so I was like kind of agitated when we got in but then we started like really grooving and then I thought as if we all had one mood at one point today. It always feels great when it's like that.

George: I'd say like half the time, we have like this collective energy that we all share. It's like we're all in the same space and then the other half the time we still do what we need to do but it's not like some kind of …

Christian :it’s not pure magic all the time.

Dalton: It's definitely addictive. It's what's definitely been keeping me come back. Granted I'm the newest guys in the room. There's those moments you get where everything is just in sync that collected. It's that feeling very addictive, it's like a high.

So it's almost like if you've ever been put in a trance in a sense to where you're slow walked into the fact that you know you can almost anticipate it appears like when it comes to high level of musicianship I've been playing for ever since I can remember seeing a lot of people and I think it's just a culmination of all of our experience but we're seeing artists all of experience watching audio tours on YouTube all of our experiences just like having this big long sensation for us to come together and be like OK we want to make that feeling that you hear a really good song with that friction you feel what goes on the back of your neck you want this really intense awesome part harmony to walk and everything's locked in. I think it's everyone's wanting and consciously making the attempt to say hey this is the kind of music we want to make. You say it just happens everyone's talent and musicianship is up there to where I think we can come to a practice basis and jam on an idea and just say this is good. We're feeling it.

Christian: have you ever like accidentally meet someone laugh really genuinely? Yeah that's basically how I feel whenever, and then it's gone.

George: This is a weird comparison but the thing I think it's most like when we're like in it, is it's really weird but like it's the same headspace that I feel like I'm in whenever, whenever you're having sex like the way you're just kind of like it's almost like you don't really think about anything else. (intimate sex)

Q: What do you guys think your goal is for music? What are you trying to express? Why are you trying to express it, like what are you looking to do?

George: Well something I personally wanted to do really badly is just like record some music that we're proud of. Like every time we recorded there's always like it's always super exciting but pretty much any time I've ever recorded anything at the end of the process, like shit we should've done this. And so I want my personal goal is to have something where it's like we're just proud like that is probably the best we can make. We're working on producing our own stuff. Matt's got a studio in here that he's been working on. We're going to do an Ep or an album. We have probably I'd say the best music we've ever written like to this point and like hopefully for me I just want it to be the best that those songs can be. And that's that's like my biggest goal right for me. : And just like to do it right like we've had some songs that we've really enjoyed and like really appreciate. And there's just things that we didn't do right in the recording process like we just we went to Austin Texas to record our first Ep and it wasn't really the way we wanted it to be. That's about to come out April. And like we're all pretty reserved about it like I'm proud of it so I'm the most proud that I've been as far as music that we've made

Q: So when you guys write songs do you ever think about your audience?

Christian: I Don’t.

George: I don't really either. That's something that we should definitely keep in mind. But honestly like songwriting for me anyway is like so hit or miss like there's times I'll usually if I write a song or write the majority of it in like an hour. Well like sometimes it takes like three months. But like I'll get the main parts down in an hour and it just keeps me and it's like I gotta finish this because like tomorrow this will be gone. So it's kind of like you just take whatever. For me I just take whatever I can get in that moment like alright it's coming I gotta write this down and get this piece out. And so with that it usually comes from like an experience to like I find like break up I had a gnarly breakup. Last January I wrote songs like most of the despite my feelings towards that breakup I had my first DMT experience on the first of the year I wrote a couple of songs and girls really get songs. And so like those little things that happen usually I go it'll hit me right after that happens and like you just gotta like you I don't even really think about who's going to be listening to it, I'm just like I'm just gonna milk this emotion and I put it into the song.

George: : Something that I think we should tell you guys is it is like for influences as far as like where we like writing our music. Matt and I and what we're really big fans of The Strokes. For me personally Hippo Campus. That's one of my biggest influences all around, drums and front in particular.

: The biggest influence in my musical life has been The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I started out playing drums. And like when I was like five years old y older brother was watching this box set that had all the music videos from Californication. And The Otherside music video, I remember it is like the first time I ever listened to a band and I was like oh shit like I like this. And the music video kind of captivated me like the visuals were really neat. And I started listening to them and that's basically what I listened to for like ten years. : The Moose from Kansas City is probably one of my favorite local bands. And their another reason why we've really been more confident about being able to produce our own stuff because they just came out with an album 14 Different. So it is crazy good and they did it in their basement.

Christian: The name Kid Computer is a combination of Ok Computer and Kid A from Radiohead. : Yeah. So I listen to Mess and their E.P.. When they released it, was last summer. And like sometimes I'll literally just write down their lyrics just to try to understand the structure and I think where like the double entendres are or anything. The ways they conceptualize ideas and twist stuff, it's very interesting and they construct their melodies

George: Yeah that is one thing that is more of my favorite things about being in a band. Actually I met Hippo Campus one time at the Bottle Neck. I talked to them and at the time I was trying to put together a band I was talking to Jake and Zach the bass player and front man. I was just like man I've been trying to start a band. And I'm like What do you guys think I should do. And you should start a band with your best friends. And I'm like ffff I can't find anyone let alone my best friends. We started this project and like all these guys have become my best friends

Matt’s really into 18th century porn.