Interview with Kavazari

Q: Who is Kavazari?

A: That's me I don't know, I feel like it's me in my truest form; My evolved form. I used to go by Chase's Deceased for photography, now I'm Kavazari. I was Chase just Chase, then I became Chase Deceased and now I'm Kavazari. My final final form. I'm a Pokémon.

Q: What do you hope to do with your music?

A: Man, I want to do a lot with it. I want to try to touch as many genres as I can. I'm making beats for now but I eventually want that to change that as well. I love to DJ, I want to eventually just travel the world and do that. I want to DJ in Brazil and the Netherlands. I want to do it all, I want to see everything and meet everybody within the music industry. Whether it's rap, or alternative, I like it all.

Q: So right now you're focusing on beats but you want to explore other genres. Do you have any plans on how to do that?

A: I feel like exploring other genres just happens. Does that make sense? Like today I want to make a rock song. I would say my favorite style that I'm always going to stick with is that soul type of chill vibe. Have you ever heard of Smino? Kind of like that musically, or like Little Dragon. They're my favorite band ever, Toro Y Moi too.

Q; So why these people? What influences you about them?

A: Their music is so freeing to me. You can tell it's them, like themselves. A lot of things now, whether it's local or wide within music, most of the time it's people trying to portray something that they are not. They are trying to get that image, if that makes sense. It's very unauthentic. Doing photography I met a couple of big name artists and some of them are egotistical, very rude. Even though they portray something else on social media.

Q: Do you ever think about your audience when you make your music or are you thinking about how it expresses you?

A: I would say it's in between, mostly. My friends are like "oh you should make a banger." I'm just like "I just want to like make a long five minute soundtrack but then I'll add some 808s or something and I'm like "oh wait that actually sounds really dope." To most of my beats I can probably write a story to what the sound is, if that makes sense. In my head I'm envisioning something that's happening, especially if there's orchestra, Like I hear a flute and it's like Oh Zelda.

Q; What do you love about music?

A: You can do anything you want. Anything. That's why I love it. And like no one else can take that from you.

Q; Is there anything you'd want people to know about you your music and who you are?

A: I want you to feel good about yourself. That's it. I want you to feel great. I want you to feel inspired that you can do some different shit and not be put down for it. And not have your quote unquote homies saying that's wack. Don't listen to them. Keep doing what you're supposed to be doing because you know it I feel like everyone should pick and choose what they like and what they don't like. The end.