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| Hannah |

“Well.. I spent lots of my life wandering the englewood square. The bridge was one I spent my childhood on "running away" and it was a good hiding place. Vivilore was an old business in Englewood but now it's the most beautiful garden and antique/ fine dining restaurant. It was the first job I worked that I just loved walking in. Its full of creativity and just amazing stuff.. And stairs!! Hidden passageways stuff like that. And I used to play on stairs as a kid but now I have bad knees and can't do them as much as id like. I've always loved spiral staircases or just interestingly placed stairs. Also hid on stairs a lot. Idk its a safe place lol. But I always see staircases that idk I just fell in love with. “

"I was fifteen years old when i was asked out on my first real movie date. It wasn't a very good one but, he did take me to an amazing vintage projector theater. I say he but I mean him his mother and little sister.Oddly it was a theater my mom, Grandmother and Great Grandmother all had dates or fond memories in. So I chose to overlook that awkward moment. They sat in the back of the theater while my date and I had to sit close the front. Midway through an old Heath Ledger/ Matt Damon tragedy he looks at me and says "this looks like a good point to makeout" and rushes me like a sloppy tongued, jaw agape teen monster. Literally the scene of Tina Belchers kiss with ghost boy comes to mind now. I say EWW GROSS NO and finish my movie in peace. We lasted less than two months. I do remember fondly the beauty of this abandoned gem. I want to see life in it again. The day it reopens i'll be first in line... Guaranteed."

| Hannah |


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